Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Overloading guide

With a pretty uneventful day apart from things I'd rather forget about I thought I'd talk about an important element to PVP some people don't even think about or is underrated. This is Overloading whilst in PVP engagements.

The only time apart from the rarest of occasions you will use overloading is during PVP combat. This can give you a major edge which can lead to a swing to victory or losing a fight.

Overloading/overheating. Increases a stat on a given module.

To use Overloading you need a buy a skill called Themodynamics. This skill enables heat damage and gives a reduction of heat damge by 5 per cent per level. Get this to level 4 priority. I cannot underestimate this skills value as a pvper.

When to use it and when not to use it is personal preference. Some overload all the time (until you nearly blow up your module rack) some use it in even fights or because of quick gank is needed. like if someone is burning to a gate to escape. Or you are being primaried.

Overloading guns usually increases damage.Warp Scrams/Webs increases range, Microwarps/afterburners increase speed., Damage resistance modules increase the amount of resists and shield boosters and armour repairers get an increase in amount repped.

Nanite repair paste. is a item which you can repair your damaged modules on the fly in space after a fight. Very recommended if your in hostile space or no stations around to always carry some. Different modules use different amount of repair paste.

Check out this youtube video which is essentually a 20 minute guide on overheating found Here

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