Friday, 19 October 2012

Migraines and Talos V's don't Mix

I've got a Migraine but now I have bigger headache. I've lost my precious 5th Talos and to Nexus Fleet of all people.

What happened is my forward scout spotted a lone talos with one more friend. Ship Unknown to me.

I decided I wanted to try to solo the talos due to it being only Nexus Fleet. and came unstuck due to a dodgy line out and over confidence I could kill said neutral Talos.

Props to the Rifter pilot Illyrio Erata who did everything wrong what I wrote about in my previous blog post about hero tackle and I insta popped him.

I went in for the kill on the talos, which was my mistake as about 20 seconds later a dozen or so Nexus Fleet jumped in when I was mwding towards the gate and not away so, it was my OMG 180 degree turn what killed me as the dps from Nexus wiped my fragile tank in about 2 volleys.

Oh well, now to welcome Talos VI

Pro Tip: Where I went wrong was to not leave a scout in the system before.
 If I had done so I'd probably still be alive Now and not in my POD STUCK IN LXQ due to my alliance thinking rape caging LXQ would be fun even when they aren't camping it!!

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