Saturday, 28 September 2013

Forgetting what EVE is all about

When you spend years and years being an 'independent' (most of the time anyway) it becomes samey, so I went back to basics in empire. I actually mined in high sec.

It may have sounded like the most boring thing to do when your a pvper but I was amazed how much it reminded me of the time I started eve when everything above me seems omg way out of reach.

I'd forgot about you need good standings with the station faction/corp to get a good refine. I'd forgot alot of things I'd take for granted.

I'm going to start to try and build things I use. I'm going to try to invent. I'm going to build. I'm going to get to know my high sec and low sec again. I'm even going to go back to where it started for me.. Amarr space.

I have loads of industry skills unused. alts which are bear beasts. I got so many BPO's I never ever use. Its OMG what am I doing.

Being an independent is stressful. Having everyone blue is boring. I want my cake and eat it. Is that to much for a eve vet??

Raven Out

Friday, 6 September 2013

Twitter, twitch, HACS and a wardrobe

CCP Guard is following me on twitter. I have no idea how this came about.  He is only following about 300 ppl atm so it's made me day.

Whilst talking about twitter I thought I'd talk about the other twit on the internet: Twitch TV. I am really a very big fan of streaming and watching streaming of my favourite games. But EVE is way down at the bottom of popular games to stream. The reason behind this is for me straight forward. There isn't many capsulars out there who want to make it public what they are up to or what they are about to do. In PVP this is more so. If your prey can be watching your next move on twitter or where ever you become tactically disadvantaged indeed.

Like I said I love the idea of streaming and I am open to interesting ideas how to implement streaming into eve without shafting your entire gang.

I am loving the new changes to HAC's in EVE. They seem on paper at least ( Have not had chance to try them out yet) a fresh reason to use them again.

I'm looking forward to getting a Ishtar, and I'm sure as hell going to make the Eagle work if its the last thing I do!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Do I like pickles?

Raven Hyperbollic has not really been blogging as of late. I've had quite a bit of eve burn out over the past six months not knowing which way to turn and what to do exactly in eve so I decided for the last 3 months or so to be in a status quo kinda thing and just casually pvp with limited politics or involvement in the direction of my corp. Hence why we have just been 'shooting shit' in the geminate region and trying not to care to much.

However I do think capsulars in eve should have goals aims and ambition to keep the game fresh and keeping players wanting to play.

There are many things which upset me in eve. Many reasons to stop playing and but there's also many reasons to stay in New Eden. With all its faults there is still no other game like eve out there.

I even got asked if I liked pickles tonight. That's never happened to me in all my years of gaming.

FDZ is a great system. It's eve easy street.  But I would like much more than this. What? well we shall see I guess.

Raven out