Saturday, 28 September 2013

Forgetting what EVE is all about

When you spend years and years being an 'independent' (most of the time anyway) it becomes samey, so I went back to basics in empire. I actually mined in high sec.

It may have sounded like the most boring thing to do when your a pvper but I was amazed how much it reminded me of the time I started eve when everything above me seems omg way out of reach.

I'd forgot about you need good standings with the station faction/corp to get a good refine. I'd forgot alot of things I'd take for granted.

I'm going to start to try and build things I use. I'm going to try to invent. I'm going to build. I'm going to get to know my high sec and low sec again. I'm even going to go back to where it started for me.. Amarr space.

I have loads of industry skills unused. alts which are bear beasts. I got so many BPO's I never ever use. Its OMG what am I doing.

Being an independent is stressful. Having everyone blue is boring. I want my cake and eat it. Is that to much for a eve vet??

Raven Out

Friday, 6 September 2013

Twitter, twitch, HACS and a wardrobe

CCP Guard is following me on twitter. I have no idea how this came about.  He is only following about 300 ppl atm so it's made me day.

Whilst talking about twitter I thought I'd talk about the other twit on the internet: Twitch TV. I am really a very big fan of streaming and watching streaming of my favourite games. But EVE is way down at the bottom of popular games to stream. The reason behind this is for me straight forward. There isn't many capsulars out there who want to make it public what they are up to or what they are about to do. In PVP this is more so. If your prey can be watching your next move on twitter or where ever you become tactically disadvantaged indeed.

Like I said I love the idea of streaming and I am open to interesting ideas how to implement streaming into eve without shafting your entire gang.

I am loving the new changes to HAC's in EVE. They seem on paper at least ( Have not had chance to try them out yet) a fresh reason to use them again.

I'm looking forward to getting a Ishtar, and I'm sure as hell going to make the Eagle work if its the last thing I do!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Do I like pickles?

Raven Hyperbollic has not really been blogging as of late. I've had quite a bit of eve burn out over the past six months not knowing which way to turn and what to do exactly in eve so I decided for the last 3 months or so to be in a status quo kinda thing and just casually pvp with limited politics or involvement in the direction of my corp. Hence why we have just been 'shooting shit' in the geminate region and trying not to care to much.

However I do think capsulars in eve should have goals aims and ambition to keep the game fresh and keeping players wanting to play.

There are many things which upset me in eve. Many reasons to stop playing and but there's also many reasons to stay in New Eden. With all its faults there is still no other game like eve out there.

I even got asked if I liked pickles tonight. That's never happened to me in all my years of gaming.

FDZ is a great system. It's eve easy street.  But I would like much more than this. What? well we shall see I guess.

Raven out

Monday, 29 April 2013

Raven Joins the Angel Cartel Cell Stillwater

Raven Hyperbollic - with is blood roots bound to the area of Curse, has been appointed by the Angel Cartel to offer his services to the Stillwater Cell in low sec Amarr space. May his fleet engagements and business opportunities be worthy of his brothers in the cartel. Long live the Cartel!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Being killed by your own creation

With some kind of patricide (I googled this) My corp I founded in 2005 finally put me to death in a rather embarrassing 'I saw that one coming' moment. Yes, Paradox Collective, my baby, was led by everyone's favourite real life photographer FC Airia Lynn.

Now yes, I can go on about morals and things like that etc but eve has little of those and well, I have to admit we have shot Choke point as and when we see them with a policy of not actively hunting them, just killing them if we cross paths. No one who is ex Paradox in our corp had any love for Airia so we didnt see a problem at all, all's fun. 

Well done for slightly out thinking me. It won't happen again (Till next time) Only thing is being killed by Airia is as pleasurable has having your tonsils removed by Miss 'Big Bertha' Bigjugs of Bangkok without anaesthetic. Hopefully I'll have my revenge!!

Raven out.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas is coming. It's campaign time and new ships discussion

Well while alot of us will be getting drunk, eating mince pies or getting the contents of Santa's sack unloaded on to us, Enslave. and allies are forming up a plan to make the holiday's in EVE go with a theme.

We have more or less decided on a campaign but this year won't be a road trip half way across eve to kill TEST like last year (although I almost up routed to do that. it was mighty fine last year) I won't go into specifics but it will be closer to home and against a known advisory of ours.

We've been sending out our collective scouts to present us which what I believe will be a easy going but balanced game plan to last us into the new year.

In the meantime I have been trying to learn how to make eve video's so I can upload corp propaganda. I am a real noob at it at this point but I plan to spin out a basic Corp video sometime soon in the new year. I will let you know.

The expansion has been out a short time now but at the very least I've managed to test some of the new changes to ships stats and also test some of the new ships.

The new ships while welcome are not in the way a game changer like the tier 3 battlecruisers were (Talos, Tornado) in fact the changes I thought would happen I have not seen any significant instances of people using them in any decent meaningful way on my side of the universe anyway. I am talking about mostly the newer logistic frigates and cruiser balances in particular esp the logi side. I expected to see much more mass logi frigate gangs and also much more t1 crusier gangs but as of yet even my corp and allies have not ran many crusier gangs as of  yet.

I hated the Talwar right off the bat. But today I ran it through Pyfa and came up with 2 fits I would like to try out. The Corax is ok but damn slow ass. I have not tried the others in real fights but I really should.

Overall the last week has not been fantastic pvp gang wise. But last night did Improve and we now have a new FC running structured gangs so all's good.

Oh yeah in other news I saw kil2 in low sec last night with my alt. I wanted to wave but I would have felt like a fanboy then so I didn't.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Lion, The Witch and the Russian POS

Do you need a control tower for your corp? Are level 4's just not cutting it for you to fund one? Then maybe you should just loot one from the local friendly vodka drinking Russians.

I say friendly but they only today declared themselves new owners of our system and gave us 7 days to leave or we will be evicted. this is strange because we are in NPC space with NPC station which makes it an impossibility.

Now being bitter vets we've seen it all before so I say to my new Russian friends, bring it. Enslave. needs the fun and are ready for you.

Now back to the main bulk of the story, we were scouting our home and we happened to notice that there  was a Legion of Death Prowler slow-boating looking very afk away from the pos which had a titan logging in earlier. Not only that but the POS was mysteriously un-anchuring with 30 mins left to go. This was their error. If they had not threatened us in local and if they had not logged in a titan earlier. we would have not been alerted to their activity and would have almost certainly missed this.

Having spent a minute scratching our heads in disbelief we probed out the apparent afk capsular and within a minute he was probably awake back in empire. We waited out the timer, looted the large caldari tower and looked both ways and ran.

We couldn't believe what kind of random happen-stance had happened. This is why we play eve, it is a sandbox and you just don't know what's going to happen next.