Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Lion, The Witch and the Russian POS

Do you need a control tower for your corp? Are level 4's just not cutting it for you to fund one? Then maybe you should just loot one from the local friendly vodka drinking Russians.

I say friendly but they only today declared themselves new owners of our system and gave us 7 days to leave or we will be evicted. this is strange because we are in NPC space with NPC station which makes it an impossibility.

Now being bitter vets we've seen it all before so I say to my new Russian friends, bring it. Enslave. needs the fun and are ready for you.

Now back to the main bulk of the story, we were scouting our home and we happened to notice that there  was a Legion of Death Prowler slow-boating looking very afk away from the pos which had a titan logging in earlier. Not only that but the POS was mysteriously un-anchuring with 30 mins left to go. This was their error. If they had not threatened us in local and if they had not logged in a titan earlier. we would have not been alerted to their activity and would have almost certainly missed this.

Having spent a minute scratching our heads in disbelief we probed out the apparent afk capsular and within a minute he was probably awake back in empire. We waited out the timer, looted the large caldari tower and looked both ways and ran.

We couldn't believe what kind of random happen-stance had happened. This is why we play eve, it is a sandbox and you just don't know what's going to happen next.

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