Friday, 9 November 2012

Search and Destroy

Never underestimate an underdog, the underdogs keep saying, especially ones listening to a cover of 'Search and Destroy' by Skunk Anansie. (original by iggy 'fing' pop's stooges) it's not a bad cover really honestly. But that's not important right now, internet spaceships is.

There's nothing more soothing than a mail in the inbox asking to be blued because someone or some entity is worried about losing what they value. I won't name names and I won't say what. Let's just say capsular x got his zero sec assets trashed by vandals and capsular x didn't take it seriously enough and brought in his boys (alts) under the guise of a has-been alliance and corp.

Capsular x came into the trashed system with very expensive weaponry most likely to deter the locals from taking all the cables (moons) They/he mustered an ensemble of recons and t3 ships fitted for small scale anti-nano engagements.

I have to say Enslave. is not a balls to the wind in your face corp. We will hit you on our terms or not at all. If we're attacking you, Enslave. is 95% sure of success or survival. We dictate and not get dictated to. But on the other hand yes, we are yarr pvpers and we see every neutral as potential targets being pvpers and all. it's all about balance I guess.

We will though blue any corp for a fee of 1 Billion ISK per month, per corp. (with flexible exceptions) We don't care for sov and we care for millions of blues even less, So we have to be compensated for the trouble.

Back to the main story. The neutrals who we had targeted became very lax and very brave, they decided to field 2 carriers with little to no support. Enslave. has links in the game to factions with sizeable assets so, we decided to batphone our long time friends in suddenly Spaceships. They were more than eager to help out and bash some easy cap kills. The trap was set..

A budding pilot HarlequinZepa volunteered the task of heavy tackle and fielded a cyno equipped Arazu for the job. being the ships role is all about points and damps, even with the fact harlequin briefly goes on scan in the system this does not deter the neutrals from staying out the POS shields and not moving. Within 5 mins the cyno was lit and out pours a legion of death even XXlegion of deathXX would have been proud of in their peak.

The result 2 happy parties with an archon and thanatos kill with the thanatoes being worth 5.5 billion isk.

job done. Within hours the neutrals started mailing us asking for peace. I don't think they understand the mentality of PVP corps eh.

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