Friday, 16 November 2012

Being Stubborn for Stubborn's Sake

The other day we reinforced a local POS. We had our own reasons for doing so and the outcome was not set in stone. We tried many times to open negotiations with the owner of the pos to come to an amicable arrangement. What I mean is we offered the owner full blues including protection to the best of our abilities and to leave his towers alone for a small fee per month which was a flexible amount.

The Capsular refused at every opportunity  The pos set up was probably worth as much as the fee we wanted and the protection for him to do as he pleased was priceless in my opinion. With heavy breath we decided we'd give him ample time to agree to our terms. after a number of days we began to blow up his assets.

There were many attempts by 3rd party alliances and corps to disrupt us. But no one should underestimate Enslave. We pride ourselves in our efficiency, will and determination to see things through. We countered all attempts to disrupt us and after repeated attempts to again resolve the issue with the owner he refused to talk terms.

The pos was eventually destroyed. this was no ordinary pos, it was a faction medium tower which are not seeded anymore and there probably will be none ever again in game apart from the ones left. I do not pride myself in destroying this tower but business is business...

All I can add is sometimes I wish people took us seriously... A heed to any other entity who thinks we are a pushover corp.

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