Saturday, 10 November 2012

Don't Feed The Trolls

I have noticed in the last few months local talk in EVE has been degrading in a downward trend. It seems the trolls are taking over the game. Unfortunately our corp seems to like feeding them trolls.

Yes, our home system is host to a said troll. When he's online he spends all the day saying how good he is and how bad we are and continues to attempt to snipe frigates. He apparently loves to talk in caps. This guy has serious personality issues. Mostly likely he is a narcissist or some kind of sociopath. I used to work in the field of mental health and I supported more people who had been sectioned who were more balanced and fit to be in the community and than this guy. 

Now I never normally out people by name on my blog but this guy is special. his name is Jerrry Rin. Now Jerry is an alt to someone who is also in Black Legion.

I say he's special as he's the only person I've met who's been temp banned from eve and also Flagged as an exploiter on Battleclinc's killboards. Don't believe me? take a look at this link and look at the comments section.

Summery. If you're good why are you trying to cheat your way to the top.. mmm.

He's also one of the few people in eve I've ever blocked. (I can count my blocked on one hand). I am so glad this guy isn't in my corp/alliance. he gives pvpers a bad name and that's bad giving how most pvp is viewed negatively by some  in eve.

I will leave this with one final note:

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