Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas is coming. It's campaign time and new ships discussion

Well while alot of us will be getting drunk, eating mince pies or getting the contents of Santa's sack unloaded on to us, Enslave. and allies are forming up a plan to make the holiday's in EVE go with a theme.

We have more or less decided on a campaign but this year won't be a road trip half way across eve to kill TEST like last year (although I almost up routed to do that. it was mighty fine last year) I won't go into specifics but it will be closer to home and against a known advisory of ours.

We've been sending out our collective scouts to present us which what I believe will be a easy going but balanced game plan to last us into the new year.

In the meantime I have been trying to learn how to make eve video's so I can upload corp propaganda. I am a real noob at it at this point but I plan to spin out a basic Corp video sometime soon in the new year. I will let you know.

The expansion has been out a short time now but at the very least I've managed to test some of the new changes to ships stats and also test some of the new ships.

The new ships while welcome are not in the way a game changer like the tier 3 battlecruisers were (Talos, Tornado) in fact the changes I thought would happen I have not seen any significant instances of people using them in any decent meaningful way on my side of the universe anyway. I am talking about mostly the newer logistic frigates and cruiser balances in particular esp the logi side. I expected to see much more mass logi frigate gangs and also much more t1 crusier gangs but as of yet even my corp and allies have not ran many crusier gangs as of  yet.

I hated the Talwar right off the bat. But today I ran it through Pyfa and came up with 2 fits I would like to try out. The Corax is ok but damn slow ass. I have not tried the others in real fights but I really should.

Overall the last week has not been fantastic pvp gang wise. But last night did Improve and we now have a new FC running structured gangs so all's good.

Oh yeah in other news I saw kil2 in low sec last night with my alt. I wanted to wave but I would have felt like a fanboy then so I didn't.

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