Friday, 4 January 2013

Being killed by your own creation

With some kind of patricide (I googled this) My corp I founded in 2005 finally put me to death in a rather embarrassing 'I saw that one coming' moment. Yes, Paradox Collective, my baby, was led by everyone's favourite real life photographer FC Airia Lynn.

Now yes, I can go on about morals and things like that etc but eve has little of those and well, I have to admit we have shot Choke point as and when we see them with a policy of not actively hunting them, just killing them if we cross paths. No one who is ex Paradox in our corp had any love for Airia so we didnt see a problem at all, all's fun. 

Well done for slightly out thinking me. It won't happen again (Till next time) Only thing is being killed by Airia is as pleasurable has having your tonsils removed by Miss 'Big Bertha' Bigjugs of Bangkok without anaesthetic. Hopefully I'll have my revenge!!

Raven out.

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