Thursday, 5 September 2013

Do I like pickles?

Raven Hyperbollic has not really been blogging as of late. I've had quite a bit of eve burn out over the past six months not knowing which way to turn and what to do exactly in eve so I decided for the last 3 months or so to be in a status quo kinda thing and just casually pvp with limited politics or involvement in the direction of my corp. Hence why we have just been 'shooting shit' in the geminate region and trying not to care to much.

However I do think capsulars in eve should have goals aims and ambition to keep the game fresh and keeping players wanting to play.

There are many things which upset me in eve. Many reasons to stop playing and but there's also many reasons to stay in New Eden. With all its faults there is still no other game like eve out there.

I even got asked if I liked pickles tonight. That's never happened to me in all my years of gaming.

FDZ is a great system. It's eve easy street.  But I would like much more than this. What? well we shall see I guess.

Raven out

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