Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Leaving the SOV Alliance

Enslave. have left the alliance known as Persona non Gratis. I have to say that our leaving has nothing to do with anyone or anything the alliance have done. We left purely by the fact that even though we tried to grin and bear it we did not like the CTA's. Most were boring and felt meaningless to our corp membership in general. We really consider ourselves a PVP corp first and SOV second. The alliance leadership wanted SOV first and PVP second. Just a difference of ideology that's all. We did not get kicked nor did we leave on bad terms. So that's out of the way I'll start writing about the day in general.

We are currently 'In between alliances' having a bit of fun and seeing where that leads us over the coming weeks. Any interested alliances need to contact Raven Hyperbollic or Priest Valton and they must be PVP Based and really we don't care for SOV at the moment at all as we don't want to do CTA upon CTA.

Our first day of freedom consisted of my scouting lxq for a easy kill. we was not actively looking for ex alliance members to kill just some solar and friends. well, anybody really. we are pvpers after all.

I managed to point a Drake in my Vagabond and had control of the whole engagement. I had a Talos backup who jumped in about 40 seconds later. An old alliance member called 0rnias decided he wanted to break the silent do not shoot code to ex corps out the window and uncloaked and jammed us so we lost point. Drake got away Raven was upset.

Before anyone said Enslave. fired first, this is wrong 0rnias did.

The main bulk of the day consisted of camping lxq-t due to the fact of proximity to our base and the gate was rape caged by our old alliance. Big mistake and home goal for the alliance. We stood virtually unopposed all night (there was a few times we have to bail from solar wing, and Nulli) and killed people flying through the bubbles Only resistance online were the usual smack in Local and Raven has a strict no smack policy so Raven ignored them.

When we did finally leave LXQ this strange event happened: (please click to see details, it explains all)

Frustrated by about 6 hours of total control loss of LXQ they decided to get the 'boys' out to blow up their own bubbles. I presume their flagship PNG PVP corp Capital Gents where to busy to unanchor or secretly enjoying the fact blues were murdered all over the place in friendly bubbles.

So, yes I'm outing 0rnias for destroying the bubbles of Capital Gents probably without their blessing and I have the screenshot to prove that.

Well, Tomorrow we will adapt or die so they say. What will we do??

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