Saturday, 20 October 2012

CTA CTA CTA - Gypsy Band POS

Tonight wasn't a awesome weekend night the corp wanted. We was halfway to hostile space when our alliance leader broadcast on coms a CTA Form up. We refrained from pouring petrol on ourselves and throwing a match on it and decided instead to participate in what is our corp commitment to the alliance.
- The CTA, CTA's are a mandatory requirement in our alliance no if's or buts.

We as a Corp have always been a PVP entity and being in a sov alliance is an anomaly for us. We usually shoot the kind of corps/alliances who currently have blue standings with, it's a very frustrating state of affairs if you are a dedicated PVPer. But it's the chain we have to wear being part of a sov holding entity with it's commitments to other alliance's that it has blue status with.

We got a  few kills. Raven only tagged one however, but he laid the final blow to it and got the killmail. It was a solo Purifier which tried to bomb the tornado fleet into death. The pilot wasn't that versed in insta warp bombing so he met an end via 1400mm artillery and target painter. Larkhall and Ken got on a tornado kill on a gate I believe which was blindly chasing one of our blues.

Killmail is found here

All we had to to was reinforce a Gypsy Band Large POS. Very very very dull indead.

Raven was also neck and neck on the alliance killboard until yesterday then the other leader in kills went on one of the CTA's and Blew up multiple POS structures. I like killmails as much as the next guy but I don't believe POS structures should count for kills they hardly ever require any skill to do so.

Hopefully there is a rainbow up ahead with a pot of PVP gold waiting for us soon.. stay tuned.

Pro-Tip: CTA's are hit and miss if they produce fun fights or not. Sometimes its just about reinforcing a structure. other times its pos bashing either way you could be there sometime. My tip is bring standard ammo. don't waste good isk shooting structures with good ammo. and if you have an alt, do something with it at the same time like rat or isk make or something. But do listen to coms. and drop the second alt when action happens at the CTA.

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