Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tengu's Tengu's Everywhere

The last CTA we went on was at odds with what I traditionally call 'boring pos/sbu bashes purely for the fun of the inner circle of alliance leadership' with very little input going into the 'grunts' in the alliance making the whole CTA experience feel pointless for people not kept in the loop.

My corp was never involved in internal decision making in the alliance nor was it told anything any sooner than the rank and file. which when your telling your corp members to do boring things you struggle to give them meaning and justification for the operations.

However, the last CTA was quite good. If I had one of those Rooks and Kings hour-glasses I would have turned it and watched the sand roll down in glee for this one.

What started out as a standard POS bash against The Unthinkables alliance turned into a proper fleet vs fleet slug fest with both ethos's of cheap ships vs expensive ships thrown into serious question.

I have to add we lost the field on this one BUT we applied MUCH more damage (ISK) inflicted losses than we did by far. yes we won the isk war this time and must have but a dent into the alliances we engaged ability to fight well next time.

Back to the fight. We were moaning about the CTA in corp saying how boring they are when all of a sudden a neutral Falcon uncloaked right in front of my eyes at a range of 15km. Instincts took over and I targeted the falcon and burnt away in the opposite direction. There was a good 5-10 seconds before the fc called out the falcon but it was enough to prevent half the hostile fleet jumping in leaving maybe 15 Tengu class ships plus assortment come through the field.

Now, My alliance leader and FC does mass conga line tactics every time I've known him which I am dead against as leaves no room for the ability to escape if primaried. Nor do any of your alliance pilots learn how to survive as a single entity. Everyone must follow the lead of him and approach him. A no brainer actually. Being a rebel and in times of a fight I burn around how I damn please. (although this time it did not save me) The conga tactics did however prevail this time as tengu's were dieing left right and centre to the onslaught of our humble drakes and logi. Hostile reinforcements quickly arrived via jump bridges. and we found ourselves against equal numbers but against superior ships.

This did not stop the fact we destroyed 20 tengu's, 9 logi's, 2 hictors, 2 recons and 10 frigates. to our losses of 17 battlecrusiers (mostly drakes) 7 logi's and approx 6 frigates. ISk value of about approx half a  billion ISK per Tengu is a massive difference to a roughly a 70 mil drake.

It was a very fun fight and also for once I didn't mind losing my drake at all. Very nice killmails.

It almost makes me feel bad for hating politics in eve and CTA's.

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