Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sniper Tornado's/Ships

There's nothing more a opportunist sniper likes to do more than insta pop frigates, - even cruiser sized ships. Well that's what I like to do.

Snipers generally operate with a minimal tank and sensor boosters to hell so locking is extremely fast, and the volley damage equally as deadly. The sniper usually also fits as many range boosting and tracking modules as possible. Tornado's are a popular ship of choice at the moment.

The sniper pilot usually displays his prowess by moving around various perches. warping the slightest chance of being caught and is found smacking in local about how good he is.

If your standing still in a frigate or moving towards the sniper (which negates ANGULAR VELOCITY) meaning if your within the snipers gun fall off and your far away your angular velocity is low and you have a high chance of being blown up quickly.

To avoid this keep moving with limited use microwarp drives (afterburner frigates) unless your a 'ceptor or know what you are doing with it. you need to be warping in and out like a ninja. you ideally need to warp out of his sniper range and come in via warp-ins.

Snipers have major flaws. this is two fold

1, they have no tank
2, they cannot hit for shit (turret ships) at close range.
3, tier 3 battlecruisers generally also have a frigate vulnerability which if a frigate can  successfully get under his guns and orbit around 500m the battlecruiser will die.

This means you need your corp friends to provide the warp-ins and you can then tackle the guy - apply dps/warp in and that's the end of the sniper. Don't let snipers intimidate you, or make the rules only engage when your the one with the advantage.

Whilst blogging this post I missed intel on a neutral jumping into our camp. but it was only a Heron which of course went to Heron heaven.

Also, whilst writing this blog only one Moa, Heron and Drake were harmed. We also got called assholes by nexus Fleet - bonus points.

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