Friday, 19 October 2012

Hero Tackle - How not to

Yesterday we took out a roam into neutral space on my quest to syphon as much isk out of Priest Valton with his  Monthly Corp competitions and to make myself look good in front of my alliance peers.

We got some nice kills but we also took some avoidable losses, mostly in the frigate department.

When we call out to tackle someone the FC very often assumes everyone can read his mind and also know how to tackle without dieing fast. Leading the the infamous 'Hero Tackle' Award.

To survive especially against turret based ships like a Hurricane you need to know how something called ANGULAR VELOCITY works. I Highlighted ANGULAR VELOCITY because its IMPORTANT and every time I write ANGULAR VELOCITY I will do this in the annoying way I just did.

If you hit your microwarp drive when you head to tackle you make your liddle bitty frigate into a massive easy to hit target. Although I admit interceptors have a bonus to reduce microwarpdrive penalties (remember that) Being a massive target make every single shot hit you MUCH harder and hit you further than they normally would.

Ok, back to ANGULAR VELOCITY I'll make this as laymen as possible. Turrets Track you. if you go in a straight line towards your prey full speed blazing your little frigate will die. what you have to do is negate the hostiles tracking by approaching in a diagonal manor towards your target (don't forget to pre overload your warp disrupter to get that hero tackle till your in proper range) this somehow with the power of Maths reduces greatly the chance of being hit by your target. once in range set a nice orbit and do what frigates do. keep points.

There are many factors to be on the lookout these include frigate killing ships in the hostile fleet, A FC who is bordering insanity and neuts on ships like hurricanes (don't go close to a cane unless suicidal, keep over 12k plus)

PRO TIP: Oh yeah, you can add ANGULAR VELOCITY to your overview and I suggest you do. This helps both turret based ships and tacklers avoiding such disasters as 'where's my ship gone'

Hope This Helps.

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